Affordable, reliable, legal assistance and coaching – fixed fee family law services.

Advice and coaching by experienced family law lawyers from wherever you are: separation, divorce, custody, access, child support and spousal support matters. We’ve got you covered.

The Family Law Coach is a new way for self-reps to get help at fixed rates.

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What’s Legal Coaching?

It’s easy to get accessible and affordable help.

The benefits of a family law lawyer ­ – on your terms.

Complimentary Strategy Session

Telephone consultation with an experienced family law lawyer.

  • See if what we offer is right for you
  • Go over our service and how it works
  • No obligation. No charge.
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Your Personalized Lawyer

Personalized legal assistance from an experienced family law lawyer.

  • Discuss your case
  • Get strategic analysis
  • Review your documents
  • Purchase 1 hour at a time

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Legal Coaching

Your own Family Law Coach to help you present effectively in court.

  • Coaching to enhance your performance
  • Get only the help you want
  • By the hour

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If you both agree on the terms, get a professionally prepared and legally binding agreement:

  • Separation
  • Cohabitation
  • Pre-nup (Marriage Contract)

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You don’t have to do this alone.

The Family Law Coach provides personalized support throughout the court or mediation process. Do you have questions about separation, divorce, custody, child or spousal support, property? Come to us.

65% of judges say family law self-reps do worse than if they had legal help.


Keep your savings. Fixed rates give you the support you need without the financial commitment of a full retainer lawyer. And you keep control of the costs.


We won’t disrupt your life. Access our services from anywhere in Ontario on your phone or online ­ when it’s convenient for you. No trips to our office.


Our lawyers aren’t just friendly. They have years of experience. They know what you need to get a fair outcome – and how to help you get it.

The Family Law Coach Guarantee

30 Day, Hassle Free, Money Back Guarantee. Real lawyers. Real service. Real guarantee.

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86% of self-­reps try to get legal help.
The problem?

They can’t find a family law lawyer who offered just the service they wanted.

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Separation and Divorce

Separating and getting a divorce is difficult and emotional. For most people, it’s challenging to separate the facts and arguments that will help your case from the stories and complaints that make you look petty. We can help you put forward your best arguments to present your case in the most effective way.

Child Custody and Access

You care about having a strong presence in your child’s life. Make sure you go to court with the best strategy. Understand the strengths and weaknesses or your case, what a reasonable outcome might look like, and how best to get it.

Child Support and Spousal Support

The child support and spousal support you receive or pay will impact your financial situation. Get the assistance you need to understand your rights and obligations, and learn how to present your strongest case in the most persuasive way.


Mediation is a terrific alternative to going to court, especially if you want to stay respectful and avoid having a judge make decisions having a long-term effect on you and your family. But you still need to know your rights and obligations. Get an understanding of what’s being proposed and if it makes sense. And get an idea of what to expect if the matter went to court.

Legal Coaching

If you’re handling your own case, legal coaching assistance can help you to navigate the system and understand the strategies to help you get a better result for yourself. Learn how to be persuasive and present your case with impact. Have an experienced lawyer helping you with each step.

Fixed fees

Traditional legal services are paid for on an hourly basis, and you have no idea what the cost will be until you get the bill. The bill represents what the lawyer feels his or her time is worth, regardless of the result. With fixed fees, you know the cost in advance and as you go along. You decide if the cost gives you the value you need. All services through The Family Law Coach are on a fixed fee basis, extended only at your choice. With fixed fees, you’re in control of the cost – not the lawyer.

Remote services

You no longer have to travel to see your lawyer. With our remote services, all communication is by phone or email. No need to take time off work to see the lawyer. Or to get child care. Or to make travel arrangements. The Family Law Coach works with you from wherever you are, at times convenient to you. You can buy shoes this way, why not legal services?

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Divorce and separation are tough for everyone. Not only are you going through a major life change and need to consider how you’ll move forward with your life, but you’re also likely worried about the “deal” you’re getting in the settlement. Here are 3 tips to help you through the process with a healthy perspective. 

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What’s Legal Coaching?

Legal Coaching is a new concept in family law. It's providing self-reps with the skills and tools to enhance their written and spoken presentations. It helps the person representing them-self to be more effective and persuasive in court, negotiations, or mediation. It's putting a lawyer's experience at your finger-tips.

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The Law Society of Upper Canada’s 2017 Family Law Summit

Joel invited other lawyers to consider how they can support the growing number of people who can’t afford traditional legal services. In particular, fixed fee services allow the client to stay in control of their costs and feel more satisfied than with traditional services. Fixed fee services allow lawyers to access a larger pool of clients with minimal impact on overhead.