Complimentary Strategy Session

By phone or Skype

Uncertain about something in your family law case and want a brief consultation with an experienced family law lawyer? Dealing with a lawyer on the other side and want to know if what you’re being told is correct? Do you have one or two simple questions about family law and your case? This is for you.

Complimentary Strategy Session can help you:

  • See if what we offer is right for you
  • Go over our service and how it works
  • No obligation. No charge.

Who’s this for?

Complimentary Strategy Session is for self-reps who are confident in their ability to handle their case, but want a bit of help. You decide what you want to discuss with the lawyer – an issue of law, information about steps you need to take, assistance in dealing with your matter, or any other brief advice. You start by purchasing a 15-minute unit of time with a lawyer, scheduled at your convenience. If you want more time, the choice is yours. You control the time and the cost, and you use the time as you want.

  • Most people using this service find a single 15-minute time unit to be so valuable that they choose to continue, and purchase additional 15-minute units. If you think you’ll benefit by talking with a lawyer for more than 45 minutes, it’s more affordable to purchase an hour of Your Personalized Lawyer.
  • Check out the Your Personalized Lawyer service before deciding which service will be best for you.

What’s included?

You’ll receive 15 minutes to talk with an experienced family law lawyer about your case. You can use the time to ask the questions that matter most to you. Before each period of 15 minutes ends, you’ll have the choice to continue for an additional 15 minute period.

This service doesn’t include reading or reviewing any documents.

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Our Guarantee
  1. Contact us and indicate you’re interested in the Complimentary Strategy Session service. In your message, it’s helpful to give us a brief idea of the sort of help you’d like  your lawyer to give.
  2. You’ll be assigned to an experienced family law lawyer to assist you for the time you bought. You’ll receive a copy of the Service Agreement, an Intake form, and credit card authorization for payment. Contact us to request a copy of the Service Agreement if you want to see it before signing up.
  3. If you agree, you’ll send back your Intake form, credit card authorization, confirm that you accept the terms of the Service Agreement, and send any additional information requested by the lawyer. There’s space on the Intake Form to set out what you want to talk about with the lawyer.
  4. The initial payment of $107.35 ($95 + $12.35 HST) will be charged to your credit card before the call. If you choose to use additional 15-minute time units, your credit card will be processed for the additional time at the end of the call.
  5. You’ll set out the most convenient times for you and lawyer to talk and begin your call.
  6. You remain in control of your case. We’re there to help you do your best.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Contact us and we’ll help you decide on the most affordable service based on your specific needs.


  • We value your time and want you to get the most out of every 15 minutes. Keep your questions clear and concise. Provide only the most important information. The lawyer will ask additional questions if necessary.
  • Set out your questions and what you want to discuss on the Intake Form you get before the call so both you and the lawyer will know what assistance you’re looking for. Write them down in point form to help you to keep track of what you want to cover during the call.
  • Remember that a 15-minute time unit can’t cover everything. Consider if you’d be better off purchasing the basic Your Personalized Lawyer service.

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