Self-rep Service Providers Directory

Find a service provider that specializes in helping self-reps.

Introduction to Family Law

A brief overview of the major areas in Family Law.

The Family Court System

Understand how the Family Court System is organized in Ontario.

Steps in the family court process

Not sure what to do, when to do it, and what documents you need? Check out these resources.

Guides for Self-Reps

Our free guides to help you survive the family court process.


Tips for representing yourself effectively.

15 Skills for effective presentations in court

How to make a good impression on the judge.


A selection of articles and materials for family law self-reps.


The various pieces of legislation and regulations that a family law self-rep needs to have handy.


You’re not alone. Learn what judges think about self-reps and how self-reps see themselves.

Child Custody and Access

What you need to know about parenting arrangements.

Child Support

What you need to know about child support and how it’s determined.

Spousal Support

When someone is eligible for spousal support, how it’s determined, and how it can change.

Property and Equalization

How growth in value of property and other assets are divided when separating.

Self-reps by the Numbers

View our infographic detailing the statistics behind self-reps without the help of legal assistance.